What is ‘Blog n’BUZZ’?

Blog n’BUZZ links together the interests of bloggers and companies. Within a work framework, it creates tailored cooperations generating added value for both sides. That means…

for companies

  • a direct line to the blogosphere
  • Topics Pitches in the bloggerpool (for cooperations and campaigns)
  • Consultation revolving around the conception and handling of blogger projects
  • Know-how and consultation in the field of blogger relations and corporate blogging

For bloggers

  • Networks with bloggers AND companies
  • Momentum and sharing on the issue of blogging and business models
  • Direct line to international bloggers
  • Orders from the blog n’BUZZ topic pool

Four blog n’BUZZ events were held in 2014, where participants discussed issues from the blogosphere with speakers including Katja Hentschel, Teresa Hammerl and Richard Gutjahr. To find a review of these events, see below.

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