BIPA Typtest: Creative Best Practice

(EN only) Carousel Ads are everywhere. About time to consider the creative possibilities the format offers.

You’ve seen them. There is hardly a visit to Facebook without the ubiquitous Carousels. Ever since the format is available in the page editor, they are everywhere. And rightly so: time and time again we’ve seen them increase engagement and click-through-rates.

The standard carousel ad

While incremental improvements of click-through-rates are nice, we weren’t gonna stop there. So when BIPA, Austria’s biggest drugstore retailer, asked us to do an HR campaign on Facebook with them, we were thrilled to apply this format to new challenges.

The standard approach would have been to post each Job offer as one image in the carousel ad, create 5 versions of this ad and see which one people liked better. (In fact, this is how carousel ads were originally conceived and optimised for e-commerce campaigns at Facebook.)

Carousel ad, meet storytelling, meet typetest

 Instead of starting with BIPA’s offer, we started with our intended users to create content pieces they could relate to emotionally. So we created 4 little micro-stories, placing the user right within the action and offering them different ways to proceed in the story.

The way users resolved the situation told us something about their way of thinking, and thus, which job they’d likely be interested in (and qualified for). From there it was easy to create custom landing pages, complementing each user on their choice and suggesting they apply for a specific job. Thus, the entire application process was positively framed from the very beginning.

Applicants, meet BIPA

BIPA’s audience loved it! Not just was BIPA able to reduce the cost-per-click by more than 64%, people also started actively engaging with the stories and with BIPA by suggesting their own idiosyncratic resolutions to the stories. This gave BIPA the opportunity to interact with people on a very personal level.