Our Portfolio

Our team of thirty social media experts are supporting brands in cultivating their digital reputation. With a strong focus on strategy, training, and implementation, we place the needs and motives of our clients in the center of the digital customer journey. This is how we empower them to appeal to a new generation of clients and talent.

During our twelve years in business, ambuzzador has developed something  we call  digital common  sense. We share this knowledge with the organizations we work with so they can integrate digital thinking into corporate culture. Thus, staff and leaders alike learn to transform the chances of new media into business impact in real time.

Naturally, our portfolio covers classic social media agency business:  from (community) content creation to community management, from branding to sales performance, all embedded in the client’s individual Digital Strategy.  Furthermore, it includes projects in the areas of Digital Business Transformation and Prototyping, thus reflecting the growing diversification of social media.

  • Digital Strategy

    How do you ensure that your team recognizes and uses the abundance of digital possibilities right at their fingertips? Your ambuzzador trainers and consultants bring digital common sense to your organization: thanks to twelve years of experience in the digital cosmos, collaborating with a great variety of businesses, we are able to establish an agile digital mindset in your team. Our Digital Strategy business circle helps organizations strive, be it through single projects or the development of a comprehensive overall digital strategy. With social media always in our heart, a strong focus on customer experience, and the commitment to state-of-the-art customer service tools such as artificial intelligence (bots).


  • Social Media Marketing

    Consumers are co-creators of a brand, even if they are not aware of it. We are setting the stage for this process: social brand management complements and transforms your brand values and makes them relevant in the digital age. Within the framework of structure and strategy we are dynamic and versatile creators.


  • Digital Business Transformation

    Our business circle Digital Transformation works closely with executives who focus on digitalization, leadership, and innovation. One of our biggest and most discussed questions: How do I keep up with the needs of my clients, the structure of my organization, and the know-how of my team in the face of disruptive phenomena?


  • Prototyping & academy

    Our think tank Prototyping & Academy inspires all our business circles. It is our space for trying out new ideas and for transforming obstacles into actions. If we fail, we see it as a chance to learn and grow. Because this is what we are about: making theory work in real life. If it is safe enough to try, we will try it.